Top 10 Best Netflix Tricks And Tips

Well, I don’t think there’s any need to give the introduction about Netflix. Almost everyone knows Netflix and its services very well. On an another note, Netflix isn’t that hard or complex, just head over to the Netflix, sign in your account and start watching whatever you want in no time. That’s all there is to it. However, only a few people know the tricks of Netflix which helps them to get the most out of it. In case, if you are new to Netflix then check out these best netflix tricks and tips to make the most out of your streaming service.

Best Netflix Tricks And Tips 2018

best netflix tips and tricks

best netflix tips and tricks

1. Rate Em Up: Netflix is a goldmine of movies and Tv shows, no doubt you will spend hours of time watching the shows and movies. Every time you finish watching a movie or show, Netflix asks you to give a star rating. Netflix’s algorithm will start showing recommendations based on the ratings you have given.

2. Remove awkward titles from your history: In case if you don’t want anyone to know what you finished watching then here’s a perfect trick for you. Just head over to this page, you will find all your history over there, just remove the desired ones.

3. Netflix Roulette: Well, in simple words, it’s just a search tool. With Netflix Roulette, you can search for titles using the director’s name or actor’s name or any keyword. In short, it’s an advanced and smart tool which helps you in finding what you are looking for.

4. Consultant: No doubt, Netflix is “LOVE” for movie fans. Since, it has thousands of titles to watch, finding the best ones are not easy. In such situations, you can take help of Reddit. Here’s a dedicated subreddit which features all the best movies to watch on Netflix.

5. Tip for better streaming experience: According to Digital Trends, the streaming quality and speed improves when fewer people are logged in. So, try to catch up your movies and shows during the peak hours. This will definitely improve the video quality as well as the speed.

6. Ban The Spammer: Most probably, we all share our Netflix accounts with our friends or family members. But as they say, everyone has different taste and choices. Their watching habits might mess up the algorithm for you. Fortunately, you can just kick them out by hitting “Sign out of all devices” options from settings.

7. Make Sure To Select HD: Most Netflix don’t even know the option of changing the resolutions. If your plan includes HD or Ultra HD, then you head over to theĀ Toggle and set it to “HD.” Well, if you’ve limited internet connectivity, then prefer setting it to “Low.”

8. Subtitle Customization: Imagine watching movies with Yellow colored subtitles? At certain moments, you can’t even read. In Netflix, you can change the color, size, font of the subtitles. Just go to your account, then head over to “your profile” option and select “subtitle appearance.” From there, you can customize the subtitle’s color and front.

here, you can customize the subtitle’s color and front.

9. Request Shows Or Movies: Netflix has covered many films and shows but still if you want a particular movie or show to be available on Netflix, then you can request for it directly using this page. Well, it’s just a request, there’s no grantee whether Netflix will listen to you or not.

10. Recent Account Access: As said earlier, you might have shared your account with your friends or anyone else with. Sometimes you won’t be able to know how far your account has gone. In order to know, how many people have used your account, head over to this link. Here you will find the details of recent logins for your account.

Bonus: You can also get free Netflix account from here!


So, that’s it for now. These were the best Netflix tips and tricks which will help you to get the most out of your Netflix. Do share the article with your friends, don’t forget to comment if you’re facing any problems.

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