Free Best VPN For Android 2018

Best VPN For Android 2018: As you know we use the Internet on the mobile phone and also keeps our important data on mobiles as they provide us with the portability. Security on the internet is a great concern these days. As now almost 8 out of 10 people uses the internet for shopping and buying things over the internet or some private data sharing over the internet. Do you think that your data or transaction is secure over the internet? Well, the answer is NO !. Your data is not secure to the public or free internet services. Almost 70{6692d0899169d8c8cfbd1f5df2086582c3301738f99f3382fe6008dc9bc3c863} using the internet and also doing transactions using the android phone. Then how can you secure this transaction and your private important data on the android? The best way is to use Best VPN for android device.

 Another advantage of using VPN is you can open blocked sites on android. That’s really amazing 😀 Usually, in schools and colleges, many sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Torrent sites and many other sites are blocked on school or college WiFi also in many schools whatsapp is also blocked. So, using VPNs on android you can get access to all these sites and surf anonymously on android using VPNs. You don’t need any proxy for android to unblock these sites.

Best VPN For Android 2018

Best VPN For Android 2015

Best VPN For Android 2018

There are tons of free and paid VPNs for android. But there are many VPNs that provides free service which is far better than some premium VPN for Android. So, here we have collected the handpicked list of best VPN for android 2018 edition:-

#1. Orbot : Proxy with Tor

Many people know about the TOR browser which is world’s best browser to surf anonymously over the internet. The Orbot is the free VPN for android which is created by Tor onion. It provides free VPN service on android without any restriction. Using Orbot you can unblock sites on android and also Orbot provides top class security features for Android users.

Best VPN For Android 2015

Best VPN For Android 2018

Download : Orbot

#2 Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

Another app providing free best VPN service on is the Hotspot Shield. Using this app you can access blocked websites and apps like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix & BBC. You can also use this VPN for VoIP calls over the Skype. You can choose different virtual location in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, UK, US and Hide IP on android. It is one of best awarded app by Forbes, CNET, CNN, New York Times.

Best VPN For Android 2015

Best VPN For Android 2018

Download : Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

#3 F-Secure Freedome VPN

It provides free as well one of best premium VPN service on Android. The application provides 14 days free premium service. It gives top class online privacy protection and secures your data over the public WiFi. Access restricted websites and anonymous surfing with the feature of unlimited bandwidth usage.

Best VPN For Android 2015

Best VPN For Android 2018

You can also use its one of the premium plan if liked their service :

  • 1 day: $0.99
  • 1 month ( Fixed ): $3.99
  • 1 month ( auto-renewing ) : $2.99
  • 12 months (auto-renewing ) : $29.99

Download : F-Secure VPN

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#4 Speed VPN – Best Free VPN

This app does not require any root access and registration its just install and enjoy !!.It is best free VPN for Android which comes up with free premium features like one-click connect. One click connect feature’s connection remains life for 60 min then you have to reconnect it. You can connect as many time you like there is no such restriction. You can extend the connection before 60 mins to get rid of connection drop. Easily Unblock geographically restricted websites including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

VPN For Android 2015

VPN For Android 2018

Download: Speed VPN – Best Free VPN 

 #5 Hola Free VPN

This app does not only provides security but also increases the internet speed. With this app, you can easily switch between the other countries and can hide your real IP address on the internet. This app easily unblocks all the restricted websites by automatically connecting you to the nearest server which also increases your internet speed.

Free VPN For Android

Free VPN For Android

Download: Hola Free VPN

#6 SecureLine VPN

It provides the feature of easy on/off of VPN by giving the users Widget on the home screen. This app is developed by the best antivirus provider Avast. It only gives you 7 days free trial version. It protects your data from being stolen by encrypting the data over the internet.

Free VPN For Android

Free VPN For Android

Download : SecureLine VPN

Other : Best VPN For Android

7. Super VPN – Free VPN Client

8. Spotflux VPN

9. Touch VPN – Free Unlimited VPN

10. Hideman VPN


12. HideNinja Free VPN for Android

13. Droid VPN

14. Troid VPN

15. Psiphon

I hope you will enjoy above list of best VPN for android 2018 edition. Download VPN for Android and unblock websites on android and surf anonymously. If you know some other free VPN for android then just drop their name in the comment section below also don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!


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