How To Bypass Surveys Online 2018

How To Bypass Surveys Online : Now a days you can see everywhere there is online Surveys when you try to visit a website, watch a video or to download a file or software. These online surveys become the headache !! Mostly many websites forces the users to complete online surveys in order to download the full version of the software or in order to download any hack. Many clash of clans hack also comes under the online surveys. There might he question rising in your mind that how to bypass surveys online ?

These online surveys are created to lock the files, software or the links which you need. In order to get the original link of your destination file or software you need to complete the survey. These survey sites asks you for the user information only then it gives you access to original content. When you completes a survey they get some amount of money. But, the thing is that these online surveys are quite time consuming and more ever they does not gives you the original links after the completion of it. Most popular survey sites are Fileice, Cleanfiles, Sharecash, Uploadables and Dollar upload etc. When you give them you original information to complete the survey they spam your email and phone numbers with promotional offers ( Most of them are spam ). So, if you want to skip online surveys easily then you need to follow the below methods on “how to bypass surveys online 2017” :-

How To Bypass Surveys Online 2018

How To Bypass Surveys Online 2015

How To Bypass Surveys Online 2018

So, here I’m sharing working methods to bypass surveys online  :

#1. By Using Online Survey Remover Sites

This is one of easiest method to remove or bypass online surveys. In this you just have to visit the below mentioned sites and after opening the site just paste the survey link [ The link which is locked with survey ] to unlock it.


This is one of best site to bypass surveys online easily. This is trusted and malware free survey remover website and does not contains the annoying pop up and Ads. More ever it removes the survey from most of files or links easily. This site is created with special scripts which bypasses the survey and gives you the original link to your desired content. You can easily bypass survey of scriptmafia, youdownload, plunder, guardtunnel etc.

Step 1 : Open the on your computer.

Step 2 : Now just the copy the URL from the top the browser of the file or link from which you want to bypass survey online.

Step 3 : Now just paste copied URL in the URL box of [ As shown below ].

How To Bypass Surveys Online 2015

How To Bypass Surveys Online 2018

Step 4 : That’s it you have successfully bypass online survey. After sometime you will get the original link of your content.


Survey Masher is alternative to Survey Bypass. This site also contains special scripts to remove the survey from 1000s of websites. The method of using the Survey Masher is similar to the survey Bypass.

#2. Using Survey Remover Tool

The online survey remover sites does not removes all types of survey. So, to do this job of removing all types of surveys you need a survey remover tool. Using these tools you can completely remove the surveys and get the original content without wasting your time !! The best thing is that they does not contains any type of malware or virus and are free from adware.

Survey Killer is a free tool that lets you download the files or o access the links which are locked with surveys. After installing this software you just need to paste the URL of survey protected link and after this just click on download button. Then by using internet connection this tool automatically removes or bypass survey.

Download : Surveycash Killer

#3. Using Extensions To Bypass Online Surveys

If you don’t want to copy paste the URLs or don’t want to install any survey remover tool then this method of bypass survey online using extensions is best for you !! There are many online survey remover extensions  but here I’m sharing only the best one which works on most of websites.

Survey Remover Plugin For Chrome :
Download :  Bypass Surveys
Survey Remover Extension for Firefox :
Download : XJZ

#4. By Disabling Java Script

Most of surveys can easily bypassed just by disabling the Java script in your web browser.

How To Disable JavaScript In Chrome :

  1. Open the google chrome browser and just click on wrench icon at top left corner.
  2. Now just click on settings option to open settings.
  3. In order Go to advanced setting you have to click on Show advanced settings.
  4. Now simply click on Content settings.
  5. Just click on Do not allow any site to use Java Script. That’s it !!

How To Disable JavaScript In Firefox :

  1. Open Firefox browser and click on Options.
  2. Just select the Content tab to open settings.
  3. Now find JavaScript which will be available there.
  4. Now Click on tick to disable the java script. That’s it !!

So, guys this is all about on “How To Bypass Surveys Online 2018 edition”. I hope now you can easily bypass surveys with these methods of using survey remover tool , by online survey remover sites or by using extensions. If you still facing any problem in removing the surveys or know some other method to remove them then just comment it below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!

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